About Us

Doric Corporation

Doric Corporation offers investment opportunities in real assets to qualified institutional investors in the United States.

We Are a Doric Company

Doric companies (Doric) provide investment products and services to institutional and retail investors in the aviation, real estate and renewable energy sectors. We are known for innovative structuring and active asset management with an emphasis on long-term stable, revenue-generating assets.

Asset Management

One of our key competitive advantages is Doric’s in-house asset management business, which is an integrated part of all the transactions we offer. Our investments have an emphasis on long-term performance, and we provide a full range of services over the life cycle of each investment. The focus on real assets combined with hands-on asset management sets our product offerings apart from many other types of investments.

Innovative Structuring

Doric is a pioneer in originating, structuring and managing transparent aircraft investments. The aviation team at Doric has worked for many years on a wide range of leasing transactions and maintains close relationships with leading aircraft and engine manufacturers.

Quadoro GmbH is the company’s real estate expert. Its core competencies are product development, purchasing and real estate management. Quadoro Investment GmbH is Doric’s AIFM and also offers services relating to the Investment Code (KAGB) and regulation to third parties.

Long-Term View

We seek to generate attractive and stable returns by deploying capital in growth markets using long-term contracts to creditworthy counterparties with profitable business models. By directly managing the asset, Doric is able to leverage its significant technical expertise and make sure assets are properly managed throughout the term of the investment.


Doric has adopted companywide policies which prescribe lawful, diligent and professional behavior at all times amongst its employees. These policies address our duties to our employees, our investors and our business partners. The following policy is of particular importance with regards to the specific legal and social environment in which Doric does business: